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Make The Shift

Jul 27, 2021


I don't know how to capture the interest of people who don't already know what I do.

This is a challenge that a member of my community is facing in this episode. Tianne specializes in restorative yoga and pain care yoga and her main obstacle in her business right now is gaining new customers outside of her...

Jul 20, 2021


Is your dream to create a digital course that will reach thousands of people globally? It’s time to own that dream! A great deal of planning, marketing, and hard work go into a successful online course launch. One huge factor in our favor is that in today’s world, there are systems and programs that...

Jul 13, 2021


Do you consistently track your data? If not, you should! In this episode I’m sharing why tracking and measuring your data is so important, especially when it comes to online marketing. Diving into your data allows you to take yourself out of the story and look at the facts. Data can be your greatest tool...

Jul 6, 2021


Transitioning from offline to online requires a great deal of change and mindset shifts. Some of those changes often include hiring a team to support you. In the beginning, you could launch a digital business with only one tech virtual assistant. However, as your online business grows, you may find that you...