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Make The Shift

May 27, 2021



I hear from clients and members of our community all the time that they are not ready to launch. When we dig deep, it always comes down to fear. Sometimes it's fear that you don't have the right offer. Other times it's the concern that no one will join your digital course.


Fear can be paralyzing and it...

May 25, 2021


While today’s topic is not the sexiest or most exciting, it is such an important piece towards making the shift from offline to online, and that is systems. This is something that holds a lot of people back from getting started, and I get it. Tech can be intimidating! 


Today I’m sharing my top...

May 20, 2021


Do you have multiple offers available to customers at various price points? If not, you should! Today we are looking at what it means to build out your offer stack with upsells and downsells. I’ll give you an overview of each of these offers and why offering both helps you to meet your audience where...

May 18, 2021


I have worked with digital course creators with email lists of zero and email lists of 50,000. I see the exact same mistake time and time again with both types of business owners. They aren't showing up enough for their audience. As you go through the pre-launch phase, it is absolutely crucial to get in front...

May 13, 2021


If you are building your business from the ground up, you will likely need advertising campaigns to bring people into your email list. These ads need to lead to something that will immediately catch the attention of your potential customers. Offering the right kind of content is key and a great way...